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We’re helping the world’s most important life sciences companies to innovate more effectively, run more efficiently, and get to market faster. And we’d love your help.

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The industry we serve

The life sciences industry consists of companies operating in the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and others that dedicate their efforts to creating products that improve and save lives.

Discovering, creating, and bringing those products to market is complex, time consuming, and highly regulated. Previously done with paper, disparate data, and collaboration steps, the cloud has brought transformation to this industry.

Veeva builds industry-leading cloud solutions for over 1,000 customers across the globe so they can concentrate on creating quality products in shorter time frames than ever before.

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Merck & Co. Inc

“With Vault eTMF, we estimate a 30% reduction in time to find, import, and process documents.”
—Bryan Souder, Associate Director, Project Management

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How the pandemic changed the rules of global digital content

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Engaging customers through virtual channels for better quality conversations

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“Approved Email can help our reps deliver the information customers need in a timely manner and distinguish Bayer through responsiveness and service.”
—Eckard Kather, Director of O&I KAM Pharmaceuticals

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“Veeva Vault Development Cloud gives us next-generation cloud applications to drive end-to-end business processes more efficiently and get medicines to patients much faster.”
—Robert Nist | Vice President and Information Officer, Medicines Development and Connected Care IT, Eli Lilly

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“Veeva CRM underpins our multichannel strategy and digital acceleration initiative.”
—Marcel De Jong | VP CRM Futures Global Business Lead, GSK

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“Creating moments that matter – understanding very critically where our customers are, and what moments are important – helps us be more relevant in those moments.”
—Tim White | Head of Customer Experience, Teva

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“The ROI for Veeva CRM at AstraZeneca was 29% with a cost savings of 30% annually. You can’t get much better than that.”
—John Pelkowski, Senior Director Client Engagement, Medical Affairs

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“Having a complete view of the customer’s experience with the rep – including pre-call, in-call, and post-call activities – in a single solution enables us to create a premier sales force that’s laser-focused on customer needs.”
—Abraham Ceesay, VP of Marketing Operations

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What we do

Our cloud solutions provide data, software, services and an extensive ecosystem of partners to support our customers’ most critical business processes from Research & Development through commercialization. This allows life sciences companies of all sizes to bring products to market faster and more efficiently while maintaining compliance.

Our core values

Do the Right Thing

Doing the right thing starts with having the right morals. We are honest and treat others as we wish to be treated. We believe in decency and actively try to do what we feel is right. We consider our customers, the industries we serve, our employees, and our shareholders in every decision we make.

Customer Success

We strive for customer success at three levels. First, the individuals in the companies we serve should enjoy working with our products and team members. Second, the companies themselves should see positive ROI over the short and long term as a direct result of our products and services. And third, the industries as a whole should become more efficient, innovative, and effective with our help.

Employee Success

Veeva is a place where employees can do their best work alongside great people in a collaborative environment. Employees are treated with respect and given the appropriate support to effectively ‘captain their own ship’ toward growth and excellence.


We do our best to do things quickly and correctly the first time. We try to get the important things done today rather than tomorrow. As we grow, we work hard to retain our speed, agility, and innovation.

What sets us apart

In February 2021, Veeva became the first public company to convert to a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC).

Unlike a traditional corporation, whose only legal duty is to maximize shareholder value, PBCs consider their public benefit purpose and the interests of those materially affected by the corporation’s conduct—including customers, employees, and the community—in addition to shareholders’ interests.

Veeva’s public benefit purpose is to help make the industries we serve more productive and create high-quality employment opportunities.

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Watch the video: Veeva becomes first public company to convert to a Public Benefit Corporation.

Work Anywhere means you can work in an office or at home on any given day. It’s about getting the work done in the way and place that works best for you.

We invest in our offices to make them places where our employees like to go. If you work in the office three or more days a week, you will have a dedicated office workspace.

Product teams are organized in regional product excellence hubs for optimal collaboration and live within two time zones of their hub. Our current product hubs are located in Pleasanton, Los Angeles, Columbus, Boston, Kansas City, New York City, Raleigh, and Toronto. We create opportunities for teams to get together in person regularly.

Customer-facing roles, such as Sales and Professional Services, live near and/or travel to their customers.

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At Veeva, we believe in giving back. Veeva’s support for charitable causes is entirely employee driven because we think giving is personal and should be directed by the individual. With our 1% Veeva Giving program, each employee receives an amount equivalent to 1% of their base salary annually to support the non-profit(s) of their choice. We don’t dictate favored corporate causes or ask employees to donate to specific non-profits. We never support a charitable cause in exchange for commercial advantage or preferential treatment.

Veeva team members smiling and gathered at Veeva's booth station at a charitable event.

Veeva’s core values — do the right thing, customer success, employee success, and speed — guide our decision making and define our culture. Doing the right thing means that we are concerned about more than just financial success and return to shareholders. We recognize a responsibility to customers, employees, environment, and society.As individuals, we pride ourselves on being good people who are honest, fair, and direct. We treat others with respect. As a company, we strive to be a good corporate citize